The solidarity pavilion for support and distribution of food to families and people in need

Mixtura unveils AIDi. Welcome in the pantry!, a project located in the municipality of Terlizzi, in Puglia, Italy, and adjacent to the convent home of the Franciscan Fraternity of Bethany. The AIDi (Italian acronym for "Accogliena In Dispensa", translated "welcome in the pantry") building opens towards the city, becoming an element of union and mediation between convent life and that of the city street.


south facade and main access to the portico
Photo credit: Cesare Querci

The building houses a warehouse for the storage of food parcels, as well as a cold room, a distribution point, a listening office for people in need, toilets and a drive-through for the distribution of food parcels.


The building from the municipal street
Photo credit: Cesare Querci


North-west facade
Photo credit: Cesare Querci


At night plays of light blend with the wooden structure
Photo credit: Cesare Querci

The project

The building stands on the boundary wall of the convent lot, becoming an integral part of it and performing a filter function between the inside of the lot and the outside. The design emerged from the idea of “home as a place of hospitality”, playing with the archetypal image of a symmetrical building with a gable roof. By rotating the ridge line, and changing the position of the main and secondary beams, the traditional house transfigures into a dynamic building, while maintaining the axis of symmetry and a constructive simplicity, useful for reducing costs and construction time. The main structure is made of laminated wood, while the infills are in platform-frame with interposed insulation. The roof is ventilated, with an aluminum sheet coating. To the east and south - the part of the pavilion overlooking the city - elements include wooden sunshades that provide air conditioning and privacy.


The building
Photo credit: Cesare Querci


West facade
Photo credit: Cesare Querci


East facade at night. The brise-soleil system
Photo credit: Cesare Querci

The green area surrounding the building, as well as the roads and parking lots, are designed to ensure maximum soil permeability, thanks to the use of green self-locking elements, limiting overheating in the hottest hours of the day. Energetically, the building exploits the photovoltaic panels already in operation in the adjacent convent. The building was selected among twelve finalists competing for the Wood Architecture Prize 2024, presented by Klimahouse as part of the Bolzano fair in Italy, one of the most important events in Europe on sustainability and wooden constructions.


North facade
Photo credit: Cesare Querci


Pantry interior
Photo credit: Cesare Querci


Under the portico
Photo credit: Cesare Querci

About Mixtura

Mixtura is an architecture and landscape firm engaged in the field of research and design of contemporary spaces in their formal, social, and aesthetic dimensions. The firm thinks globally, and acts locally, with a strong belief that understanding the environmental and cultural specifics of each site, combined with client needs, can deliver designs that rise above the sum of their parts to become truly unique and special organisms.