A flexible space for public purpose that won Popular Choice prize in the Government & Civic Buildings category

The National Assembly Communication Building, located inside the National Assembly complex, known as the cradle of Korean democracy, was planned by Haeahn Architecture + H Architecture as an open space reflecting a pluralistic ideology, while embracing the order of existing components of the complex. The firm therefore embarked on a plan to build “a flexible building containing open places”, where public daily life would naturally occur, in addition to the formal monumental nature of the National Assembly area.


Photo credit: Namsun Lee

Implementing a green space open to a flexible area

The project site was a green space surrounded by lush trees, approximately 10-12 meters in height on average. To reflect that status, the firm established a public green space aimed at making the building familiar and low enough, on a human scale, by ensuring that the height would not exceed four stories. The resulkt is that the building remains buried among green trees, with the rooftop also created as a green zone to connect the flow of nature. In doing so, the firm assured that the monumental landscape of the National Assembly area would be well conserved.


Photo credit: Namsun Lee


Photo credit: Namsun Lee

Creating a systematic space through flexible layers

In consideration of the characteristics of the building, where various functions and users coexist, the firm aimed to increase spatial usability and work efficiency, while maintaining the independence of each facility by distributing functions per floor through a horizontal zoning plan.


Photo credit: Namsun Lee


Photo credit: Namsun Lee

Making a space of communication with flexible crevices

The architects paid close attention to the building's representation of pluralistic democracy, and its embrace of multiple functions for the public, press, parliamentary politics, and administration. Accordingly, they created a spatial identity under the theme of “Encounter and Communicate”, ensuring that user groups would support sound democracy and the national vision through mutual cooperation and dialogue.


Photo credit: Namsun Lee


Photo credit: Namsun Lee

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