Five evocative lines of porcelain stoneware create new landscapes of color, light, and design

TERZADIMENSIONE, an Italian company specializing in large ceramic slabs, has unveiled a kaleidoscopic system of decorative “rugs,” walkways, tables, and lamps aimed at reinventing the experience of outdoor spaces. A brightly colored “rug” made of porcelain tile catches the eye by the pool, among the trees, or on the balcony. 


Modular system consisting of Pas Japonais elements, table and lamp, Foliage decor
Photo credit: courtesy Terzadimensione

Unique walkways made of the same versatile material wind through the greenery, and modular lighting elements arranged around decorated tables, complete the collection. The two latest additions to the collections emerge from TERZADIMENSIONE’s product research and development laboratory, created with a special engraving and glazing technique that gives the artifact a charming bas-relief effect that is rich in tactile and visual appeal.  


Pas Japonais, Dunes decor by OPERAVISUAL
Photo credit: courtesy Terzadimensione


Pas Japonais with lamp, Wave decor
Photo credit: courtesy Terzadimensione

Doily echoes the delicate textures of southern Italian crochet and lace, while Foliage is inspired by the carpets of leaves seen in the Mediterranean autumn of Provence. The elements of the collection are designed to create a modular system that offers countless possible solutions and combinations.


Doily Blue decor
Photo credit: courtesy Terzadimensione


Foliage Red decor
Photo credit: courtesy Terzadimensione

The unifying theme is the geometry of the circle. The modules can be laid directly on grass, gravel, soil, or screed. Some can be replaced by elements that incorporate an outdoor lamp, which can be used as a walkway marker or as an actual light fixture.


Rug' Stone Decor, Dionysos by LATOxLATO
Photo credit: courtesy Terzadimensione

Tables and coffee tables

Taking advantage of the versatility of ceramics, here the 122cm round readily transforms into the top of a convivial table as a centerpiece for lunches, dinners, and outdoor gatherings. With two heights (75cm and 80 cm), multiple tables can be placed side by side and can partially overlap, recalling the many possible arrangements of the ceramic rugs.


Pas Japonais and tables, Dunes decor
Photo credit: courtesy Terzadimensione

Pas Japonais

With this collection, TERZADIMENSIONE offers a contemporary interpretation of the walkways that mark Japan’s fascinating Zen gardens. The round and crescent-shaped elements can be freely arranged, exploring the possibilities for ever-changing compositions and patterns that expand organically, like beautiful rhizomes.


Modular system consisting of Pas Japonais elements, table and lamp, Doily decor
Photo credit: courtesy Terzadimensione


TERZADIMENSIONE is an Italian company that uses ceramic wall tiles for indoor and outdoor settings, combining the knowledge of leading craftsmanship with state-of-the-art industrial techniques. The company’s mission is to expand the use of ceramic slabs, transforming them into three-dimensional furnishing accessories. Hence the name TERZADIMENSIONE, or “third dimension”, with the company entrusting the design of its innovative collections to carefully selected third-party designers.