Turtle Bay Project in Thailand Offers a Sustainable Architectural Design as a New Eco-Tourist Destination

The Turtle Bay project is located on the lush natural area of Hua-Hin, near Khao Tao Reservoir. The aim of Turtle Bay’s owner is to create new eco tourist destination, organic eatery, local artisan’s souvenir shop and homestay style lodging.


Turtle Bay Project (computer rendering)

“Khao” is Thai word of mountain whilst “Tao” is Thai word of turtle. Shape of turtle’s shell has selected as roof surface of the project to create new tourist destination. Existing large lotus pond has preserved to maintain the sense of place.


Turtle Bay Project (computer rendering)

 Local bamboo selected as one of the main construction materials. The criteria of selection are based on its bending ability, can be built easily. Turtle Bay project also implement local artisan’s construction material, “Poon-Tum”. The “Poon-Tum” offers sustainable outcome because this material make the wall cool at almost any time. This material is one of the main materials when creating or repairing ancient architecture like temple, one of the main reasons why the wall of ancient temple has low temperature.


Turtle Bay Project

The designer uses some artisan's design knowledge like large space which covered by high roof and also has the window on the opposite side. These ways of designing offer sustainable architectural design aspect like natural ventilation, called "Stack Effect" in international scale.


Turtle Bay Project

Since there is a large lotus pond at this site and it will be used as main design criteria and site-planning, so the quality of natural water must be appropriately treated. Chaipattana Low Speed Surface Aerator installed to oxygenation the natural water at this pond. This project also use sewage water treatment system. This means no untreated water drainage to natural soil or the pond.


Turtle Bay Project

Based on the design criteria, material selections and construction techniques, the owner and the designer believe that Turtle Bay project will offer new eco-tourist destination with eye-catching architectural design outcomes.


Turtle bay Project (computer rendering)