3 Deluxe Designs Attractive Urban Beach With Marina in U.A.E.

Several years after 3deluxe transformed the downtown Noor Island into a green, urban paradise the German architecture office is designing a vibrant, attractive urban beach with a marina as part of more comprehensive tourist infrastructure measures in Sharjah City, a metropolis that is home to millions.


Photo credit: 3deluxe

Urban beaches make an important contribution to the quality of life in large metropolises. Meanwhile, there is a growing trend to not only define them as special places for bathing but to integrate them more into the everyday urban context and make them accessible to different groups of people around the clock.


Sharjah Beach Yacht Marina Restaurant ClubSharjah Beach Yacht Marina Restaurant Club, Photo credit: 3deluxe

3deluxe was given the opportunity to transform one of the urban beaches of Sharjah City not far from Dubai’s famous landmarks Burj Khalifa and The Palm into an attractive urban location. Restaurants, cafés, local suppliers, playgrounds, ample greenery, jogging- and bike tracks provide city dwellers with an attractive area between beach and city that serves many different purposes.


Sharjah Beach Al Heera Yacht Marina, Photo credit: 3deluxe

Three-organically shaped platforms each featuring eight buildings and pavilions blend harmoniously into the setting comprising a 3 km-long beach and promenade. Embedded between clusters 2 and 3 are a marina with a clubhouse, several service buildings, and a small park. The marina is open to the public and in combination with the park enhances the location’s excellent amenity value.


Cluster Square Sharjah, Photo credit: 3deluxe

Organic Beach Cluster

The three organic beach clusters are inserted between roads, promenades, and beaches and offer space for numerous restaurants, cafés, mini-markets, and service buildings. The arrangement not only means several restaurant terraces face the sea but simultaneously forms an inner square-like area that is lined by cafés.


Sharjah Beach Club House Restaurant, Photo credit: 3deluxe

Access to the promenade on the one side and the beach on the other is both intuitive and flowing. An organically shaped shaded roof covers the “square” of each cluster and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Lush greenery, seating, and playgrounds turn every cluster into a place that promotes communication and entices visitors to linger.


Sharjah Beach Club House Restaurant Cafés, Photo credit: 3deluxe


Sharjah Beach Restaurant Organic Staircase, Photo credit: 3deluxe

Marina with Park

The small marina can accommodate 100 boots of various sizes. A clubhouse with a restaurant and roof garden forms the heart of the marina. The sophisticated architectural building consists of a flowing, undulating roof providing pleasant shading for the restaurant terraces. Club guests can also enjoy an exclusive, resort-like area with pools and cabanas. An impressive administrative building with reception and premises for sailing school with boat rental and several storage and service buildings complement the ensemble. From the small park, there is an attractive view of the marina.


Al Heera Beach Spa Pool, Photo credit: 3deluxe


Beach Marina Storage Boxes, Photo credit: 3deluxe

Sharjah City is a melting pot of numerous nationalities and cultures; around 90% of its inhabitants are foreigners, above all Asians from the Middle and the Far East. The Al Heera beach development is one of many measures intended to enhance the quality of life for the city’s residents and promote both diversity and the coexistence of the various cultures, namely ex-pats, tourists, and locals.


Sharjah Beach Al Heera, Photo credit: 3deluxe

The design and planning of the entire project are complete. Construction began in December 2020 and the opening is planned for November 2021. 3deluxe is involved in other projects by Shurooq involving the development of urban and tourist infrastructure measures for the Emirate. More will be related to them in the coming months.


Cluster Square Sharjah, Photo credit: 3deluxe

About 3deluxe transdisciplinary design 

As a design agency, 3deluxe brings together around 40 creatives from the architecture, interior design, and brand design industries. Through cross-disciplinary design solutions, this company from Wiesbaden imbues objects, companies, spaces, and buildings with the greatest possible charisma.

With its very open approach to design, 3deluxe creates buildings and spaces which reflect the social and cultural trends of the present, while presenting visions for the future. Its characteristic organically inspired design language has made its mark on styles in the international scene. For some time now, the agency’s portfolio has also included the design for a new generation of cruise ships.

Projects that have garnered multiple international awards include the design of the “Cocoon Club” for star DJ Sven Väth, the architecture of the “Leonardo Glass Cube” the “Butterfly Pavilion” on Noor Island off Dubai, and the “V-Plaza” in Lithuania, to name but a few.