Would you like to show your work to the world ?

Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) is looking for information on projects (architecture, product design, hotel, condominium, residential, restaurant, and bar) for “Design Anthology” , which have been completed recently or are to be completed soon from the designers and owners.

The target projects are within the Asian region or international design projects by designers based in Asia. Excellent projects will be published in the Hong Kong luxury design magazine "Design Anthology". In case of coverage and publication, we will contact you from "Design Anthology" editorial department. Please click "DA entry" for more information!

About Design Anthology

"Design Anthology is Asia's only luxury design magazine. Their editorial concentrates on high-quality, informed, timeless designs - not trends or fads - and is aimed at a sophisticated, well-travelled and discerning audience.

Each issue features quality writing by an international team about the built environment - from macro to micro - with subjects ranging from urban planning and architecture to interior design, furniture, art and a travel section aimed at the creative class”.

Each of their features has a focus on Asia - either projects in the region, or designed by Asia-based designers working internationally. Published quarterly, Design Anthology is a celebration of the burgeoning creative scene in Asia".