“Everything revolves around everyone's style”

Today's society is undergoing continuous evolution, seeking something new every time. Whether it's clothing (elegant, casual, extreme, or bizarre), objects (antiques, vintage, ultra-technological) or music (rock, pop, metal), “everything revolves around everyone's style,” says the British designer Alexander McQueen.

Over the years, Christmas decorations have been influenced by countless trends. Decorating the Christmas tree and the house to make it original - and at the same time, comfortable and warm - requires high sensitivity, good taste and deep research. Keeping up with the times, discovering the attitudes of the moment, or creating something new by breaking the mold is not always easy. New captivating and singular ideas are born every year, and some have captured my attention. Let's discover it together!

Tradition always has a timeless charm, and “Classic” decorations, such as deep green, bright red, white and gold, are always welcome. Sometimes you can even play with the imagination and use “Total White” the most popular in recent years. Embellished with gold and metallic silver details, it gives the room an elegant, pleasant, minimalist and trendy look.

Lately, decorations made with “Creative Recycling” are prevailing. DIY and Pinterest sites produce exciting and fun ideas: such as recycling the capsules of Nespresso, ornaments and the Christmas tree made with recycled cardboard, simple branches adorned with paper decorations, garlands with pinecones collected on the street, folded napkins tree shapes to embellish the table, and many other suggestive and fun ideas. There are also many brands born with the philosophy of recycling, such as the Italian Japanese brand “I was a Kimono” created by the Italian designer Cristina Morini Sumi.


Image from: pinimg.com

The “Christmas balls” of “I was a Kimono” are not the classic Christmas balls, mostly made of glittery, glass or plastic. Instead, these have an exciting history and a particular philosophy: to give Japanese kimonos a second life. Embedding the Japanese’ soul, these objects are created from scraps of Kimonos that represent an essential part of Japanese life, worn for many important occasions. Culture and tradition meet here in perfect harmony.


courtesy of I Was a Kimono


courtesy of I Was a Kimono

The “Neutrals and Natural” with neutral colors and organic products, with warm tones and natural materials - fresh green branches, foliage and decorations inspired by wildlife - will add a rustic image and full of details to the environment.


Image from: www.johnlewis.com

Unmissable is the highly decorative “Glamour” style with tones from bright pink to deep blue, and unusual colors such as black and chocolate embellished with gold and champagne accents. To make everything even more fascinating, various decorations such as animals of all kinds (penguins, deer, owls, and reindeer) and multiple objects embellish the tree, the table, the fireplace and other places.


Image from: www.johnlewis.com

Like every year, the challenge between tradition and originality generates exciting trends. Which of them suits you the most?