Beau Lake collaborates with four renowned artists for limited-edition surfboard series

Beau Lake is excited to announce its collaboration with Artists for Water, a Swim Drink Fish fundraiser, to produce a limited-edition surfboard collection featuring the work of renowned artists Christi Belcourt, Douglas Coupland, Graham Gillmore, and Joe Fleming - to be purchased in support of clean water.


Beau Lake Presents: The Surfboard Collection
Photo credit: Beau Lake

The boards will be offered in conjunction with the 2023 Artists for Water fundraiser, taking place in Toronto on May 18, 2023. Each board will be produced as an edition of five per artist, and the works will be previewed at General Hardware Contemporary from May 13 - May 17. Proceeds from sales of these surfboards will go towards Swim Drink Fish community-based water monitoring hubs, where recreational water quality samples are collected by community scientists and shared on Swim Guide, a free water quality information app providing information to the public that they need in order to best access clean water.


Surfboard Feature: Christi Belcourt "The Celebration"
Photo credit: Beau Lake


Surfboard Feature: Douglas Coupland "Pacific"
Photo credit: Beau Lake


Surfboard Feature: Joe Fleming "Blue Scooter"
Photo credit: Beau Lake


Surfboard Feature: Graham Gillmore "Gem Spa"
Photo credit: Beau Lake

About Beau Lake

Beau Lake is a waterside luxury brand born from a deep connection to the water. That connection moves the company to consider carefully what they design, the role their products play in the environment, and the partnerships they form with other brands in categories ranging from art and fashion to luxury and water quality and conservation around the world. Four Seasons, Safe Harbor, Surfrider, and Ulysse Nardin are among the many formidable brands with whom Beau Lake has collaborated. The company's ethos, THE WATER IS CALLING, is much more than a tagline. According to founder and CEO, Paul Lavoie, “there is a call to play, of course, but also to care. Protecting the water is our greatest calling. Through design and innovation, Beau Lake transforms waterside commodities into waterside luxuries to bring people to the water’s edge, and to answer that call.