Honoring Outstanding Lighting Designs and Products in a Wide Range of Categories

The LIT Lighting Design Awards is officially open for submissions, inviting the world's brightest minds in lighting design to join its annual celebration of excellence. This awards is under 3C Awards, and renowned for honoring the pinnacle of creativity and innovation, boasts an expansive array of categories, including 31 in Architectural Lighting Design, 15 in Entertainment Lighting Design, and an impressive 44 in Lighting Product Design.


Steinmetz Hall, Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center by Ann Kale Associates.
Photo credit: Ciro Coelho Photography.

In 2023, the program attracted over 800 submissions from 58 countries, showcasing an extraordinary spectrum of work. Notable recognitions included the Architectural Lighting Design of the Year 2023 awarded to ERRELUCE for their remarkable work on IronPlate Restaurant, and the Lighting Product Design of the Year 2023, claimed by Hydrel for their FLAME Lighting Technique. The introduction of the Entertainment Lighting Design of the Year category saw Eleftheria Deko & Associates triumph for their work on "Persephone Reconsiders Her Fate." Introduced in 2018, the Lifetime Achievement Award celebrated Roger Narboni for his outstanding contributions spanning landscape, urban, heritage, and architectural lighting over 35 years. DarkSky received the prestigious Spotlight Prize for their unwavering commitment to preserving the darkness of the sky.


IronPlate Restaurant. ERRELUCE.
Photo credit: FotoPerspektif, Ryan Salim


Persephone Reconsiders Her Fat. Eleftheria Deko & Associates.
Photo credit: Gavriil Papadiotis / John Stathis


FLAME Lighting Technique. Hydrel.
Photo credit: Hydrel


Woven by Adam Smith. dpa Lighting Consultants.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Martin Hulbert Design; Photographer: Mark Bolton.


Tin Building by Jean-George. L'Observatoire International.
Photo credit: Nicole Franzen, Eric Petschek

The 2024 jury, composed of 35 experienced designers, lighting experts, academics, and media representatives, will select the winners in each category in November 2024. Past jurors have included Sooner Routhier, CEO of The Playground, Roland Greil from Roland Greil & The Black Project, Emmy Award Winner Peter Morse; Randy Reid, Editor at designing lighting (dl), Sally Storey, Creative Director at John Cullen Lighting and Founding Director at Lighting Design International, Thiago Gaya, Publisher of L+D Magazine and Founder of the LEDforum, amongst others. For details of the award it will be viewed at the official website.


  • Early bird discount applicable until April 28. 
  • Winners of each category will be chosen in November 2024.

The LIT Lighting Design Awards

The LIT Lighting Design Awards is a sibling program of the BLT Built Design Awards (BLT), the SIT Furniture Design Award (SIT), and the LIV Hospitality Design Awards (LIV), which have emerged as some of the most well-known design prizes today. The company represents today’s diversity and innovation in Lighting Design, Furniture Design, Interior Design, and Architecture. Each brand is a symbol of design excellence around the world, showcasing professional and emerging designers’ work to over 100 expert jury members.