Agape series that harmonises past and present and opens up endless possibilities for interaction and dialogue

Agape's new Outdoor Collection of washbasins, faucets, tubs, accessories expands the boundaries of the outdoor bathroom, where blue skies, rustling trees, and stimulating urban backdrops become natural and ideal complements to the Agape experience. This vision of bathroom design is an architecture of the senses, complete in itself, yet always evolving. Good design is the unseen score of this symphony, with fine-tuned materials, functions, and emotions of an ever-changing ensemble that follow a process of lateral thinking that results in timeless works of design.


Bjhon 1 Washbasin, column
Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

The collection is a throwback to the Bjhon family of washbasins, created in 1970 by Angelo Mangiarotti as a flowerpot, and only later turned into a basin. Thanks to the emergence of new materials, today this timeless piece rediscovers its place outside of the home. The Ufo bathtub and the Carrara washbasin, classics of the Agape catalog, are joined in the Outdoor collection by the new Petra, Amuleto, and Open Air, along with icons such as the Vieques and, all re-imagined in materials suitable for harsh climates and resistant to atmospheric agents.

Strong materials and new finishes

The warm nuances of Cementoskin®, a cementitious material that performs well both indoors and outdoors, infuses new colors into the Outdoor collection. The elegant and resistant Petit Granit marble makes possible an Outdoor version of Angelo Mangiarotti's iconic Bjhon washbasin.

The Collection

Bjhon 1, Bjhon2 / Washbasin(Angelo Mangiarotti – 1970 / 2011)

From 1970 to 2022, the Bjhon family of washbasins - now made in Petit Granit and in all colors of Cementoskin® - finds its new place outside the home.


Bjhon 1 Washbasin, column
Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari


Bjhon 1
Over-countertop washbasin in Cementoskin®
Angelo Mangiarotti – 1970/2011
Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

Amuleto / Shower tray(RD Agape – 2019)

The simple geometry and large dimensions of the Amuleto shower tray by Benedini Associati strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and durability in Petit Granit marble.


Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

Petra / Washbasin, Column, Top(Diego Vencato, Marco Merendi – 2018)

Designed exclusively for the outdoor world, Vencato Merendi's extensive Petra collection includes washbasins in countertop, wall, and column versions, with two shower trays and a shower column, a countertop, and a support for the garden hose. The natural, velvety finish of Cementoskin® is reminiscent of stone polished by the flow of water.


Washbasin and support column
Diego Vencato, Marco Merendi – 2018
Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

Vieques / Bathtub and washbasin(Patricia Urquiola – 2008 and 2011)

Patricia Urquiola's Vieques bathtub over time has given rise to an increasingly complete and evolving line of products that now includes this free-standing pedestal washbasin. Like the bathtub, it can also be placed in open spaces.


Patricia Urquiola – 2008
Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

Carrara / Washbasin(Benedini Associati – 1999)

The elegance and simplicity of the Carrara washbasin, a mainstay of the catalog for over twenty years, finds itself at home beyond the bathroom with its new version in Petit Granit.


Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

Ufo / Bathtub(Benedini Associati – 2002)

The Ufo bathtub by Benedini Associati adds a surprisingly special touch to any space. On a terrace, or in a yard or garden, its large stainless-steel disc can accommodate multiple people. Available in a two-tone version with white interior and dark gray exterior, with one or two backrests in white outdoor Cristalplant®.


Ufo / Bathtub
Benedini Associati – 2002
Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

Open Air / Shower column(Benedini Associati – 2019)

Open Air by Benedini Associati was the mobile and flexible shower selected by ADI for the Compasso d'Oro 2022. The Cementoskin® base houses the black anodized aluminum support, which can be easily removed from the base and inserted directly into the ground. Completing the shower is a sleek black PVC hose, complete with a quick connect for the garden.


Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

Ascension / Extras(Neri&Hu – 2018)

The Outdoor collection is complemented by Ascension, a versatile accessory designed by Neri Hu. Made of solid iroko wood with visible joints, Ascension lends itself to different uses as a ladder or a comfortable side table.


Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

About Agape

Agape has been synonymous with design culture for nearly 50 years. The brand, founded by the Giampaolo brothers and Emanuele Benedini, offers more than 550 functional products for bathroom spaces. Washbasins, faucets, furniture, bathtubs, lights, and accessories are designed by masters of contemporary design and architecture. Timeless objects naturally develop an intense dialogue with any space, becoming elements of an architectural vocabulary of the senses. International by nature, Agape also has deep ties to Mantua, the Renaissance city and extraordinary architectural workshop where its headquarters are located.