A Collection Inspired by the Untouched Nature of Africa

A design studio based in Cape Town in South Africa, OKHA’s latest capsule collection, "Sculpted Forms," transports us to a realm where design meets artistry, blending timeless essence with a forward-looking vision. It's been unveiled at Milan Design Week.  Inspired by Africa's unfiltered beauty and untamed spirit, Adam Court's creations resonate with a harmonious balance of natural forms and contemporary aesthetics.



Capturing Africa's Immediacy

The Reposer armchair, a centrepiece of the Sculpted Forms collection, embodies the meanderings of natural forms along the Cape Coast. Its curvaceous lines, subtle angles, and deliberate asymmetry pay homage to South African geography, evoking landscape that pulsates with life and vitality. Complementing the Reposer armchair are the Cut Forms side tables—pure sculptural expressions in metal. These monolithic blocks of steel, shaped and cut to reveal new identities, symbolize Okha's ethos of embracing imperfection as a source of beauty. Each table is a testament to the harmonious blend of past, present, and future design elements—an interplay of modernity, retro charm, and futuristic allure.



It captures the essence of Adam's passion for raw authenticity and unapologetic honesty in design, inviting viewers to experience a vibrant tapestry of emotions and experiences. OKHA’s creations transcend mere functionality, becoming conduits of artistic expression and storytelling.