EDIT Napoli - “One eye is global, the other is local.”

WHEN: June 5 - 7, 2020 Oct 16-18, 2020[*data changed due to the COVID-19]

WHAT: EDIT Napoli is the first design fair created to promote emerging or independent designers and design authors throughout the suggestive frame of the Mediterranean city. After the successful edition of 2019, which has involved more than 60 international exhibitors, EDIT is at its second, now.

WHO: Designers, design studios, craftspeople and manufacturers will be selected within a group of international independent producers, with practices rooted in handicraft. What you have to do is complete the registration form on the fair website and propose the projects.

EDIT Napoli_2020

All Images Courtesy of Edit Napoli

Starting from 2020, the fair is expanding with an additional section dedicated to under 30’s: Seminario, a creative cradle for emerging talents like young designers, artisans, entrepreneurs and companies established not more than 3 years ago.

Over this, an expert committee composed of Piet Hein Eek, Lina Kanafani and web director of ELLE Decor Italy—Alessandro Valenti, will confer and select the best-unreleased work of 2020. The winner will be the piece that best embodies the values promoted by EDIT Napoli: intelligent design, profound respect for cultural heritage and a well-balanced price.


Edit Napoli 2020 - Seminario

WHY: EDIT aims at filling a gap addressing a brand new way to think at exhibitions and at the safekeeping of tradition and quality. The significant innovative point is discovering intimate productions within a “boutique event” to facilitate liaison between small-scale producers and national and international buyers in search of alternatives to big brands.

Yes, because the request is to present pieces/collections related to tailored-made artistry. The products have to tell a story while blend contemporary ideas with ancient ways of doing, without overlooking the industrial sphere. No prototypes, no limited edition, but authentic products to affordable prices, even if made in synergy with companies.

adf-webmagazine-3_edit napoli 2019_vico s domenico maggiore ©roberto pierucci

EDIT Napoli 2019_Vico S.Domenico Maggiore ©Roberto Pierucci

adf-webmagazine-4_edit napoli 2019_courtyard complesso domenico maggiore ©roberto pierucci

EDIT Napoli 2019_courtyard Complesso S. Domenico Maggiore ©Roberto Pierucci

WHERE: Complesso di San Domenico Maggiore, the prestigious monumental 13th-century church complex in the historical city center.

The choice of Naples as a venue is a great symbolical aspect, and it’s directly connected to the concept of the design fair. Emilia Petruccelli director, and curator together with Domitilla Dardi, conceived an intensely-charged curatorial approach by choosing this city. 

Naples mixes contemporary and traditional and is a vivid example of a melting pot, vibrant communities, fertile artisan culture, rich history of talented craftsmanship and local manufacturing industry.

Above all, is a unique place. So the city becomes the engine of a creative process, opening the doors of its historic locations to contemporary design and activating new cultural synergies.

Global and local are no more antithetical in this frame. There aren’t boundaries if the goal is arising the roots and the intimate origins of each product, in contrast to large-scale industrial design. Collectible design is a problematic matter because is hardly accessible to the new generation of designers. EDIT Napoli wants to open this fence, Domitilla Dardi said.

adf-webmagazine-5_edit napoli_emilia petruccelli and domitilla dardi at scaturchio courtyard ©lea anouchinsky

EDIT Napoli_Emilia Petruccelli and Domitilla Dardi at Scaturchio courtyard ©Lea Anouchinsky

EDIT Cult: EDIT Napoli will also present a program of original collaborations and exclusive collections from authorial design in the courtyard of the Complesso di San Domenico Maggiore—like the retrospective exhibition of projects and prototypes from the Cappellini archive, many of which have never entered into production or been shown in public - and will spotlight two other historic brands - like Foscarini and Moroso - that will present cultural projects within the interiors of the San Carlo Theatre, exceptional location of this year.

adf-webmagazine-6_edit cult_edit napoli 2020

EDIT Cult - EDIT Napoli 2020

adf-webmagazine-7_cappellini_next - glimpt studio - pittura ©cappellini

Cappellini_NEXT - Glimpt Studio - pittura ©cappellini

DEADLINE: In an uncertain period for Italy and the world, EDIT Napoli makes a choice.

For now, it has been decided to not decree a deadline to give everyone the opportunity to register even later, and as a good omen for a restart with enthusiasm.

There is this impressive coincidence that keeps me awake during these days. After Venice Biennale of Art, Ralph Rugoff walked us to the end of the year with the words “May you live in interesting times”, the mysterious anathema that the curator has chosen for a strange predictive edition. Those times are more actual than we could ever imagine.

So, after the passage of the “interesting times”, spreading the culture could be an antidote to knock down the invisible fences that the world is building for the actual emergency. Then, the concepts of global and local may return to dialogue.

So, you’ll be welcome to Italy, you’ll be welcome to Napoli, you’ll be welcome to EDIT.

adf-webmagazine-8_edit napoli 2019_entrance courtyard complesso s domenico maggiore ©roberto pierucci

EDIT Napoli 2019_entrance courtyard Complesso S Domenico Maggiore ©Roberto Pierucci

Edit Napoli Info

TitleEdit Napoli
PeriodEdit Napoli is on view from Oct 16-18, 2020 [*data changed due to the COVID-19]: press preview, opening by invitation only
AddressPiazza S. Domenico Maggiore 8A, 80134 Napoli, NA Italy
CreditsCurator and director EDIT Napoli: Emilia Petruccelli
Curator EDIT Napoli: Domitilla Dardi