Christmas decorations and events

Tokyo is known for its festive Christmas decorations and events. Every year, this “challenge” gives citizens many beautiful places to enjoy this magical moment of the year. Luxury brands often go the extra mile to create immersive and aesthetically pleasing experiences during the holiday season. Let’s have a look at some of them.

The Cartier Christmas tree at Roppongi Hills is truly a sight with distinctive and luxurious touches. Using unique Christmas balls adorned with the Cartier Red Box design adds an exclusive and recognizable flair to the decorations. Additionally, incorporating elements like white paper and lacquer seals suggests meticulous attention to detail, possibly reflecting the brand's commitment to elegance and sophistication.



Photo @Valentina Cannava

The Coach Christmas tree at Midtown Hills sounds charming and evokes an authentic Christmas atmosphere. Combining inspired decorations like the ginger bear, candy and red balls adds a playful and festive touch, creating a joyful ambiance that resonates with the holiday spirit.


Photo @Valentina Cannava

The “Some Snow Scenes” installation by the WOW visual design studio and Japanese musician Ayatake Ezaki at Midtown Atrium sounds like a captivating and immersive experience. The combination of an automatically playing piano synchronized with Ezaki's music and small white balls descending from the ceiling, illuminating in harmony with the music, creates a multisensory and enchanting winter ambiance. This collaboration engages the auditory senses through music and visually enchants the illuminated white balls, offering a dynamic and emotional portrayal of winter scenes.



Photo @Tokyo Midtown


The Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Nakameguro is a festive and visually stunning destination, especially during the holiday season. The four and a half meters tall Christmas tree at the entrance adds elegance and holiday spirit to the ambiance. It is made of ornate stained glass painted in cheerful red and green colors with white coffee flower motifs. This unique and artistic decoration likely enhances the overall experience for visitors.


Photo @Time out

Walking around the Omotesando area, many Christmas trees appear on the street and in window shops like the one in the Fendi store.

This Christmas tree has a distinctive and luxurious touch. The tree made with “Fendi Stars” crafted from the stars with the iconic “F” logo - composed of shiny metal - adds a unique and brand-specific flair to the festive display.


Photo @Valentina Cannava

At the entrance of Omotesando Hills, a Christmas tree by Jo Malone - adorned with the ginger bear, horses and candy - sets a joyful and playful tone for visitors.  The giant floating Christmas tree on the central staircase adds a grand and magical touch to the ambiance. However, the ten-meter-tall tree crafted by Sayoko Yajima takes the experience to another level. The tree is realized with snowflakes made with a 3D printer - around five hundred – with recycled materials.  The dynamic aspect of the tree, changing colors every twenty minutes, adds an element of surprise and captivation for visitors.

It's lovely to see the convergence of art, technology, and sustainability in the holiday decorations.


Photo @Valentina Cannava



Photo @ Keisuke Tanigawa



Photo @Valentina Cannava