“The detail is as important as the essential. When it is inappropriate, it ruins the whole outfit - Christian Dior"

A detail, even a small one, has the power to make a creation more fascinating. In architecture, for example, a junction or a part of the building façade can feature remarkable details. A window or a wall color can provide a more seductive character to the space in interior design. Imagine a house designed with exposed concrete walls, glossy white floor, white and steel furnishings and finishes. Let's now add a cobalt blue sofa. That detail - cobalt blue - immersed in an austere environment captures our attention and makes everything more attractive.

adf-web-magazine-dior-journeyChristian Dior's words perfectly convey the notion of ​​detail. If we fantasize about a woman dressed in a sparkling black dress - with an equally precious necklace around her neck - we will see that the beauty of the details, in both cases, vanishes. Though, if the dress is accompanied by a sober jewel, or even without anything, the detail of the dress would stand out. In other cases, the detail is so invisible that it cannot be captured with the gaze, but we must activate other senses, like the smell. A woman with a simple dress, sober accessories with a "MILLEFIORI" perfume manages to capture the attention of many. A scent of centifolia rose, fresh lily of the valley, peony, apricot and iris powder leaves a trace of smells that make it seductive.

With the appellative "MILLEFIORI" the new fragrance MISS DIOR - launched by the French brand in 2021 - land in Tokyo with an exclusive Miss Dior Exhibition "AS SEEN BY" in the

Ba-tsu Art Gallery in the heart of Omotesando.

All our senses are awakened by the sensuality of the flower bouquet of the new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum. The fragrance celebrates velvety and carnal roses, elevated by a fresh lily of the valley, a pungent peony and surrounded by a powdery iris. 

François Demachy, Parfumeur-Créateur Dior

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum, with a captivating and refined scent, gets a new look even in appearance. Remaining faithful to the Dior hallmark, the “poignard” or “dovetail” bow is reinvented using a jacquard ribbon - woven from about four hundred threads - where a myriad of pastel flowers are projected.

The "MISS DIOR MILLEFIORI GARDEN" pop-up store welcomes guests with a flower garden at the entrance. Inside, white walls adorned with flowers enveloping the whole room host the new "Miss Dior Eau de Parfum" product and limited make-up. A room of mirrors and flower beds surround visitors as if they were part of the product, completely immersed in the pure essence of MISS DIOR.

The "AS SEEN BY" exhibition - started in Tokyo and later scheduled for the rest of the world - presents artistic and free-form creations inspired by the iconic MISS DIOR bottle. Artists such as Kojin Haruka, Ingrid Donat and Kiwi designer Sabine Marcelis contribute to the famous French Maison.

Parallel to the "AS SEEN BY" event, in Milan - during the SALONE DEL MOBILE 2021 - another significant event features the DIOR brand as the protagonist. The French Maison once again calls on internationally renowned artists to collaborate with it. This time the attention falls on a symbolic element of the French Maison: the historic Medallion Chair. Various reinterpretations of the famous chair are exhibited at Palazzo Citterio with a sober and impactful setting.


Photo: Alessandro Garofalo

The architect and interior designer India Mahdavi - a Parisian of Iranian origins - cover the chair with her famous crochet patterns. Representative of the Maison Dior, they positively affect it through the union of its classic shape and bold prints.


Photo: Marion Berrin

The Italian designer Martino Gamper disassembles and rebuilds the chair, preserving its elegance and simplifying its construction. He explains - in an interview for the site www.fuorisalone.it - ​​"I reduced and removed some layers and a bit of historical complexity to make it more comfortable and make it a contemporary portrait of the famous seat".


Photo: Valentin Hennequin

The French designer Pierre Charpin plays with the chair. By exposing its soul - redesigning it with a single black metal resin profile - it finishes the seat with a mirror.


Photo: Marion Berrin

The very famous Medallion Chair - tapered with an oval backrest - was chosen by Christian Dior to host his guests in the Maison. The sober, simple, classic and Parisian Medallion Chair - as he described it - is the result of the collaboration with Victor Grandpierre and is an unmistakable detail in the Maison Dior. Once again, the detail succeeds in making a place exceptional, with character and uniqueness.