A Dreamscape Fantasyland Made of Quartz Awarded Silver ”A’ Design Award” for Interior Design

Founded in 1983 by Ferruccio Corrente Sr., Unique Store Fixtures is an award-winning Toronto-based fabrication company guided by the principles of craftsmanship, innovation, and partnerships. Unique’s work has been represented throughout some of the world’s most desired retailing destinations, including Tiffany & Co., Gucci, Holt Renfrew, Bergdorf Goodman, and Christian Louboutin. Throughout its company history since 1983, Unique is proud to have been honored and recognized by some of the most prestigious awards in its industry in North America and beyond.


Photo credit: Alex Lukey

Most recently, amidst thousands of submitted works, Unique Store Fixtures’ Dreamland installation — in collaboration with designer Elizabeth Margles, potter and designer Jonathan Adler, and luxury quartz brand Caesarstone — has been granted the Silver A’ Design Award in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category by the International Design Award and Competition Academy for their Dreamland project.


Photo credit: Alex Lukey

Presented by the International Design Academy, a grand jury panel of influential press members, established designers, leading academics, and prominent entrepreneurs worldwide, the A’ Design Awards is a premier annual juried design competition that honors the best designers, architects, engineers, design studios and design-oriented companies worldwide to recognize their incredible work on a global scale. The Silver A’ Design Award is given to top 5 percentile designs that have achieved an exemplary level of excellence in design, Dreamland included.


Photo credit: Alex Lukey

Displayed at the Toronto Interior Design Show 2020 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and masterfully put together in less than four weeks, the “Instagrammable” installation was a hit, showcasing an ethereal softness, which was paradoxically achieved by using thick marble slabs: “I wanted to create heaven in Caesarstone. I wanted to create a kind of a dreamscape fantasyland of ethereal cloud-like fluffiness using a hard surface,” says Adler.


Photo credit: Alex Lukey

Showcasing the versatility of quartz, Caesarstone was able to turn the hard material quartz into something soft and delicate: “Trying to communicate a very soft feel, of a very hard material, was really one of the technical challenges that we had throughout the process...We knew that Unique Store Fixtures could do it,” says designer Margles.

Unique Store Fixtures happily took on the technical challenges of the project by working alongside their trusted partners: “Clients like Caesarstone give us the freedom and carte blanche to create as much as we can without interfering with design intent, and we’re able to showcase all of our products and talents,” says Ferro Corrente, COO at Unique Store Fixtures.

The final installation consisted of more than 75 slabs of Caesarstone material, each weighing more than 1,000 pounds, and was constructed by Unique Store Fixtures with a team of 30 installers in the lead-up to the event.

The successful execution of the award-winning project was a testament to the craftsmanship and expertise of Unique Store Fixtures and the partners with whom they collaborated: “We’re proud of our employees and our team at Unique to make Caesarstone and Jonathan Adler proud,” says Corrente.


A' Design Award 2021
Photo credit: A' Design Award

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Unique Store Fixtures is an award-winning company, with recent accomplishments of Gold in Shop! Design Awards, and Gold and Silver A’ Design Awards. Unique has also been featured in AZ Awards for Design Excellence, Dezeen Awards, Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, Global Future Design Awards, Canadian Interiors’ Best of Canada Design Competition, and International Hotel and Property Design Awards.