Towada Art Center Presents: Yuko Mohri Exhibition

Internationally Renowned Emerging Artist Yuko Mohri’s First Solo Museum Exhibition To Be Held at the Towada Art Center Yuko Mohri, born 1980 in Kanagawa, Japan, is an installation artist whose creative process transforms entire spaces into artwork. She recasts reconfigured everyday items like dusters, spoons, and empty cans and reveals intangible forms of energy such as electricity, magnetism, and wind. Mohri’s works exhibit strange movement, almost as if the objects themselves are living, breathing beings. Other times, her objects seem possessed by a larger force beyond human control. At the Towada Art Center, she exhibits a new large-scale, sound-based assemblage inspired by movements such as spirals, spins, and swirls as seen on different scales, such as in ammonites and multi-stranded wires and cables. Her works can be symbolic of the orbit of celestial bodies, and, at the same time, reveal aspects of large social movements. In addition to video and prints, Mohri also brings contingency and improvisation into her installations to form ecosystems that are entirely her own, captivating museum-going audiences both at home and abroad. Photo image:Scenes from 2018 exhibition Childhood, Palais de Tokyo (Paris) Photo courtesy Palais de Tokyo.