An Enchanted Night Walk Into the Heart of Wendat Culture

Under a starlit sky northeast of Quebec City, Onhwa' Lumina welcomes guests on a journey shaped by the stories, symbols, and ancestral rhythms of the Huron-Wendat Nation. Created by Moment Factory in partnership with the Wendake Tourist Office, and in collaboration with the Huron-Wendat Nation Council, this powerful multimedia experience celebrates the richness of Wendat culture through the magic of light, sound, video projections, and a narrative steeped in emotion.


Photo credit: Moment Factory

A glimpse into Huron-Wendat life

Inspired by the Huron-Wendat word “Onhwa,” which means “now” and marks the passage between the past, present, and future, the 1.2-kilometer night walk transports visitors to a poetic world where the nation’s values come to life.


Photo credit: Moment Factory

Explore the journey through seven zones

Kwaweyih, We Are Together as One

Enter the Great Circle and intuit a circular understanding of the world in which all beings are equal and live in harmony.

Yädia’wich, The Turtle

On the back of the Great Turtle, discover the origins of the world through the Huron-Wendat creation story.

Yänonhchia, The Longhouse

Take your place around the fire where women are the guardians of cultural transmission and social order.

Yändata’, The Village

Admire the grandeur of the village and the richness of Huron-Wendat alliances through the artistry of beaded wampum belts.

Onyionhwentsa’, Our World

Soak up the beauty and bounty of the land as the Wendat language comes to life in stories told through light and song.

Hatioyondahskehen’, The Ancestors

Meet past generations, who gave life and passed on knowledge of embroidery, medicine, and more.

Tichion’, The Stars

Look to the future under a shower of twinkling stars that remind us where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

A close collaborative partnership

Onhwa' Lumina is the result of a relationship of mutual trust between the Wendake Tourist Office, community experts, cultural advisors, and more than 100 members of Moment Factory’s extended team. For nearly two years, representatives of this multidisciplinary team gathered at least once per week to establish a shared vision, learn from each other, and refine content to present Wendat culture in a manner that is respectful, authentic, and meaningful to the community at large. The night walk creates a welcoming space for the visiting public to experience and connect with Wendat society. But, importantly, the experience is also an offering to the Wendat Nation’s ancestors, descendants, and future keepers of the community’s culture. At the heart of the project is the ambition that all members of the Wendat community will share a sense of pride with each other.

Inspiring visitors to discover Wendake

As Moment Factory’s 14th Enchanted Night Walk experience, Onhwa' Lumina is the latest culmination of an immersive series the studio has been developing for more than nine years. The series includes several collaborations with the central involvement of Indigenous communities, including Kamuy Lumina, developed with the Akan Lake Ainu community on Hokkaido in Japan; Terra Lumina in Toronto, created with the input of a Wasauksing First Nation curator; and most recently, Nightrise—a Banff Gondola experience, with Stoney Nakoda Nation in Alberta.

Our ancestral values of respect for nature, and our balance between our economic activities and the community have motivated our unwavering support for this project of major importance for our tourism industry. This spotlight on part of our culture will showcase our Nation's greatness.

Rémy Vincent, Grand Chief of the Huron-Wendat Nation


Photo credit: Moment Factory

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