Carlos Musse. Infinite painting. 

An Art Historian, Art Critic, Curator and Semiologist, Claudia Laudanno describes the Uruguayan artist Carlos Musse, a painter with all the conditions of a master of contemporary art. With a long and prolific career, Musse's paintings have passed through a good part of the 20th century and these few more than twenty years of the 21st century.


Carlos Musse "Untitled" 2022

He will present an unpublished medium-format body of works.These are expanded field paintings. With his unmistakable alchemy of strokes, brushstrokes, gestures and spots of neo-informalist and neo-abstract flavor, the aesthetic delight of the spectator will be the occasion of a true "festival of painting".


Carlos Musse "Untitled" 2021

Why is Musse's constant commitment to painting as a visual and tactile language in the first person? Surely, because it is still the only artistic language that preserves the "warm or hot aura". This reminds Laudanno the concept of "profane illuminations", the Erlechtung, coined by the philosopher Walter Benjamin. You cannot paint the same picture twice. The unrepeatable trace of the brushstroke is unique and that is why Musse approches the canvas as a battlefield.

There the discourse of painting is brewing over and over again: painting as cry, joie de vivre, memory and palimpsest. His current opus exhibits a network of acromias and polychromies executed from the first sensorial appereance of a painting that uses itself without resorting to other languages in vogue.

-words quoted and arranged from Claudia Laudanno*'s writings

*Caludia Laudanno is a PhDoctor in Art History and Theory of the Arts by Universidad de Buenos Aires (U.B.A), Art Historian, Art Critic, Curator, Semiologist. Editor and contributing editor. Correspondent in various art magazines. Postdoctoral studies at Universita di Bologna, Urbino and Siena.


Carlos Musse "Untitled" 2022

From the Artist Statement

What to say about Musse's artwork?

Musse himself, do not find it easy to analyze. Maybe a good beginning, not any serious analyze is easy, and he do not also feel himself capable of elaborating a theory about his task, it is not his job, he feels like -and it gratifies him more- to be a performer.

He knows that on a white canvas, he enjoys enormously to provoke on it a sort of invasion, very free and wild, to the best style of “action painting” where he can download with power and confidence colors and forms that he did not know even himself just a moment before he could do, to incur from different angles, and to see little by little what it begins to appear at “random”.


Carlos Musse "Untitled" 2022

After the pause, a moment of quietness observing what is there, until in some sector emerges a shape, a color or a combination of both that seduces him, that suggests him a theme and he begins to think how to integrate the rest of the artwork to that shape.

The searching of that integration, most of the time provokes other shapes and sectors to appear which he feels interesting and they finally end covering the original idea, so many times he finds himself painting and repainting the same artwork once again.

When a harmony emerges from the whole, it is after putting the finishing touches to that “rough stone”, that same rough stone that as well as our being can always be improved and polished in its most pronounced edges.

After so much display, in a moment he feels a state of infatuation over the artwork, “delighted” for it … and it is at this point that one should let the most objective judge to get in, the time.

Many times Musse discovers that the “wonder” has lacks here and there and when trying to correct them … he has to begin once again.


Carlos Musse "Untitled" 2022

Sometimes Musse thinks “this artwork is much better than I can paint” and if days go over –and this feeling persists- that infatuation turns into a peaceful joy to contemplate what is done and it is himself who is the first person to be surprised by the result.

Musse tries to create an artwork which awakens an emotion in himself, a feeling, a smile or peace when observing it, and when this does not happen, frustration, anger and a wish of destroying everything appear, summing up, the most dark and violent side of oneself.

He believes here it is the synthesis of his job, something that is not new in the human being, negative can be transformed into positive. It is not easy.

That is why he chooses painting.


Carlos Musse "Untitled" 2022

About Carlos Musse

Carlos Musse was born in October 13, 1955, in Montevideo, Urguay. Working aggressively worldwide being part of over 70 exhibitions for more than 30 decades he has established a permanent place in postwar and modern art paintings. In the course of his career, he has received multiple awards such as First Prize of Painting, "Art First Biennial of Uruguay's Car Club" (1990), First Prize of Painting, "Art Fourth Biennial of Salto"(1992), and "First Biennial of Peñarol in Art", LA.T.U. (Technological Laboratory of Uruguay) (1999) .