Ancel is an online gallery based in London that supports and collaborates with emerging international artists. Our main goal is to reinvent the approach to discovering and collecting contemporary art by making new and exciting works available to a wider audience.


The gallery has an extensive range of artworks in different mediums including painting, photography, mixed media and sculpture, which will be shown in our first group exhibition. The works will present to the viewer a dialogue on different aspects of the artists' personal journeys. Themes explored will range from personal reflection on memories, nostalgia and grief, to more uncompromising statements on topics such as modern technology and digital communications.


Dleta N.A. Title: La fille qui reve Technique : Mixed media Year: 2020

Featured artists include: 

Alex Prior His work explores reoccurring themes of memory, the ephemeral, loss and transience both through the subject matter and the materials he incorporates. His work strives to create pieces that encourages the viewer to pause and look closer, to draw in and reveal the overlooked and the unseen. 

Andrea Van Eyck is a Spanish actress and conceptual artist who lives between London and Madrid. Poetry about herself is her starting point and the main tool for all her theatrical proposals and performances. For her personal projects, she writes, directs, and performs. Andrea is presenting her new ‘A Project About becoming myself’ project, exclusive to Ancel Gallery. 

Anna Sturgeon employs an incongruous and disruptive style to create alternative realities that are devoid of time and space. Her juxtaposing of images and continual editing and rearranging of works aims to project the transient nature of experience and display the photographic medium as one that is not fixed, but constantly in flux. 

Charlotte Wainwright is a London based artist, working primarily in a figurative and surrealist style. She produces small to large scale works inspired by her obsessive compulsion to collect the mundane or found object. Through this she often depicts forms and figures as inanimate, frozen-like objects reflecting her perceptions towards social interaction and communication. By morphing particular objects with people, she aims to question the transparency of our relationships and most of all represent these subjective feelings within a space which acts as a way of communicating. 

Delta N.A. The artists Neva Epoque and Alessandro Vignola, in art Delta N.A., were born as a duo sharing the realisation of portraits, but their uniqueness came out only after starting to Ancel / Gallery work together simultaneously on the same canvas. This path of artistic union has allowed the couple to develop a common expressive language to explore and describe their vision. 

Ellen Kydd is an artist primarily interested in the engagement of the psyche with visceral presence. Through the charged automatism of her creative process, she seeks to externalise the interior motions of being human. Her approach is raw, always expressing from personal experience. Ellen’s visual enquires constantly seek to elicit the essence of emotion, what can be known as “anima”. The search for anima and desire for truth sustain and unite Ellen’s multimedia work. 

Ellie Niblock approaches her practice in a way that conceptualises and builds a pseudo-scientific space that borders the line between fantasy and reality. She works in sculpture, installation and sound art. The relationship between the different elements to her work ultimately offer an insight into the connection between the human, material and digital technology. 

Hugo Lami is a Portuguese artist who lives and works between London and Lisbon. His artistic project unfolds into painting, sculpture, and multimedia installation. His work makes use of history and mythology in contrast with the technological and cultural evolution of our time. By fusing concepts and objects and displacing them in time, the artworks speak of possible utopias, dystopias and lost futures of a hauntological dimension deeply rooted into our culture. 

Inês Coelho da Silva Working on impermanence and intimacy through the exercise of manuality, Inês Coelho da Silva focuses on ordinary elements of everyday life (food, textiles and found objects) to construct intricate structures, delicate entanglements, and moments of proximity between body and matter. Inês has a particular interest in ‘invisible’ food elements: the ones we pay little to no attention, that we do not consider as individuals, but as formless groups that we do not eat outside the context of a meal, in isolation. 

Kinnari Saraiya addresses contemporary discourses of the imperial past from a post-colonial standpoint. She gives voice to the architectural landscape of India that is regarded as a silent witness of the British Raj and transforms it through contemporary techniques like laser-cutting, moulding and painting with spices. Taking the form of theatrical aesthetics, she lures the viewer in and forces them to learn a perspective of the brutal history that has never been told before. 

Melissa Hartley paints to portray emotions through a visual sense, typically using colour as a means to control the energy and direct the eye. She distils geometric abstraction that explores the relationships between space, shape, colour and light. Whilst blurring the boundaries between painting and sculpture, she describes her work as 'bold yet ethereal’. 

Naroa Pérez is a photographer awaking senses through projects researching into the sense of touch, nostalgia, grief and fear. Her practice is focused on the creative process celebrating procedure concepts as the mistake, the chance and the repetition. Playing with uncertainty, mostly working on analogue photography. 

Sabrina Choi is an artist from Hong Kong currently based in London. She mainly works with 2D paintings where she merges her heritage with her art, creating work that allows her to express herself through colours and space while embracing the quiet and shy nature of being an Asian woman. Her practice varies hugely from mental health issues to politics, yet remaining relevant to her personal identity and aiming to create a safe space for people to have conversations about major issues through art itself. Ancel / Gallery 

Sam van Strien In his research and studio-based practice Sam van Strien makes several types of work, including rubbings from buildings, laser-cut engravings of photographs and drawings from archival records. Through these strategies, he articulates the tactile and visual limits of the public experience of buildings that are encountered during everyday urban life. His work is a document, record and visual remnant of architecture, questioning if architecture can be adequately represented in mediated images, or if it exists only as concrete matter, as a place we can touch and see. 

Samantha Johnston Using the traditional medium of film, Samantha Johnston created a collection of works that enter the realm of cinema and its relationship with the still image. Familiar objects are strategically placed and elevated in the mise-en-scène. Each image is a fictional fragment with enigmatic details that are suspended. There are no middles with no beginnings or endings, but a hinge point of narrative. Samantha wants to bring a discourse we have with objects and create an encounter that arises comfortingly familiar scenes but yet still feels unfamiliar to us. 

Ancel Gallery Pop-up Group Exhibition – Summer 2021 INFO

Period25.08.21 – 30.08.21 (opening 25 August from 6pm)
Venue 502 Kingsland Road, Dalston London E8 4AE
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