Festival crosses the boundaries between design and art

"PechaKucha Night × DESIGNART Tokyo Special" will be held at SHIBUYA QWS on 22nd of October 2022. This special PechaKucha Night Tokyo event is held once a year to coincide with the DESIGNART TOKYO festival, which started in 2017 and transforms the entire city of Tokyo into a design and art festival. 


A diverse group of designers, including Jin Kuramoto, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Kiyoaki Takeda and Studio Swine, as well as "NEXT CIRCULATION" exhibitor BCXSY from DESIGNART TOKYO, U30 selectees Nina Nomura, Karyn Lim and Sohma Furutate from Japan and Sweden, the UK, Singapore and the Netherlands. Where you can experience a stellar line-up of creative speakers in the fast-paced PechaKucha format, known for its "20 images × 20 seconds" presentations. So if you're looking for more fun during DESIGNART and you'd like to enjoy the autumn season of the arts, this is the place for you. Klein Dytham Architects, founders of PechaKucha, which has been held in 1,300 cities worldwide, and DESIGNART, are your hosts.


SHIBUYA QWS is a members-only co-creation facility located on the 15th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square, which opened on 1 November 2019 directly above Shibuya Station. Under the concept of 'Social Scramble Space / A crossroads of possibilities from Shibuya to the world', it aims to generate a movement that leads to unknown values by intersecting the 'questions' of players from diverse backgrounds. The aim is to create a movement that leads to unknown values by intersecting the "questions" of players from diverse backgrounds.

PechaKucha Night Tokyo

PechaKucha Night is a social event where creators from all backgrounds present their work in a "20 × 20" format, where 20 slides are presented in 20 seconds each. As of August 2022, the community has spread to more than 1,290 cities worldwide, making it one of the largest real social networks in the world.

「PechaKucha Night × DESIGNART Tokyo Special」Outline

Date22 October 2022
Time18:30 doors open / 19:30 presentations start / 22:30 end