Each year, the AIA California Council (AIACC) hosts various award programs recognizing and celebrating various architects, firms, and architecture across the state of California and beyond. This year, it is their honor to recognize each of the award recipients for their many accomplishments in 2018 at the City Club of San Francisco.

Californian licensed architects who register as AIA member are approximately 9,500 and by far one of the biggest AIA council in the U.S. This segment is so-called “The American Institute of Architects California Council” known as AIACC (The headquarter office located in Sacramento).

As the host, AIACC has acknowledged the best-submitted design from the variety of design field and celebrate the design winners. The range of qualified design varies from the public building, private and attached housing, interior design, even the management of the firm’s operative philosophy and how the firms keep the relationship with the public organization.

As for ADF (NPO Aoyama Design Forum), we have been studying American architectural designer’s trend, direction, and actual activities, so that we wish to share the link with them to expand our networking into the U.S. beyond our current Japan and South East Asia. As a part of our activities, ADF participated as one of the sponsors for this noteworthy celebration last week in San Francisco.



2018 AIACC Awards Ceremony

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