Winner of Best Performance Award, Kazuhiko Mashiko

Hosted by NPO Aoyama Design Forum(ADF), the "ADF Design Award 2023" has crowned Kazuhiko Mashiko' s work "Tonami Public Library" as the Best Performance Award.  Here is an interview article with Mashiko, to introduce the award-winning work and the story behind the designing process.adf-web-magazine-adf-design-award-2023-mashiko-kazuhiko-9

 What kind of areas do you usually design?

I have worked on many library and school buildings. These are still our main focus today. I have also worked in car dealership showrooms and, more recently, indoor children's playgrounds.adf-web-magazine-adf-design-award-2023-mashiko-kazuhiko-11

What is the background of the awarded work?

It was selected to construct through a proposal process. I had planned to participate in the proposals independently, but I received an offer from a local firm, Oshida Sekkei, and decided to participate as a joint venture.adf-web-magazine-adf-design-award-2023-mashiko-kazuhiko-2

What difficulties did you face in this work?

Even in Japan, a small country, the climate varies greatly depending on the region. Toyama Prefecture, where the work is located, faces the Sea of Japan and experiences heavy snowfall in the winter. Due to climate change, snowfall has recently decreased, but snow depths of 1.5 meters are still observed. The foundation of the scattered settlement village and the method of house construction, called "Azumadachi", is based on the wisdom of our ancestors to create a living environment adapted to the climate. adf-web-magazine-adf-design-award-2023-mashiko-kazuhiko-7adf-web-magazine-adf-design-award-2023-mashiko-kazuhiko-8

What do you think about this award?

I feel very honored to receive it.

What does architectural expression mean to you?

I believe architecture is vital in giving a place a special meaning. I want to put this into practice while paying respect to the land. Architecture has a short life span compared to land. Therefore, even if it is a small building, I try to create a structure that increases the value of the land more than before its construction.



What kind of activities do you envision for your future?

I would like to realize a broader range of architectural genres in a larger geographical area.

What do you think about winning the ADF award?

I want to express my respect for the extraordinary efforts of the organizer.

Tell us about the highlights of your award-winning exhibition in Milan, Italy, which begins on April 18.

Our architecture is very Japanese. But at the same time, we want to be cosmopolitan.


Once again, congratulations on winning the Best Performance Award. The works will be on display during the Milano Salone from April 18, 2023, at the ADF venue in Fuori Salone, so if you have a chance to visit Milan, please come and see the works at the venue. In future newsletters, we will also provide information on the award ceremony and the award party.